Executive Doctor of Business Administration (EDBA)

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ISMT EDBA Program Overview

The Executive Doctorate of Business Administration (EDBA) is a highly advanced and specialized degree program designed for experienced business professionals looking to advance their careers. Designed to provide students with cutting-edge research and practical, real-world experience, the ISMT EDBA program offers the skills and knowledge needed to become successful leaders in their fields.

The ISMT EDBA overall program objective is to help students become effective business leaders. Some of the key purposes and goals of an EDBA program include:

  • Deepening knowledge
  • Applying theory to practice and evidence-based approach
  • Conducting original research
  • Improving business outcomes

Benefits of ISMT EDBA Program

An Executive Doctorate of Business Administration (EDBA) degree can provide numerous benefits to students and their careers. 

Some of the key benefits of an EDBA program include:

  • Enhance career opportunities
  • Professional networks
  • Advanced knowledge
  • Improved leadership skills
  • Relevant and practical experience
  • Personal and professional development
ISMT Student
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