Global Executive Tech Master of Business Administration (Tech MBA)

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ISMT Global Executive Tech MBA Program Overview

The Global Executive Tech MBA is a specialized type of Executive MBA (EMBA) program that combines technical and business expertise. ISMT Global Executive MBA program is designed for experienced professionals who are looking to enhance their careers in technology-driven industries and organizations. It is mainly focused on subjects such as data analytics, innovation management, technology strategy, and entrepreneurship. 

 Furthermore, this program typically involves international travel as a way to provide students with a global business perspective and firsthand experience in conducting business across cultures.

The ISMT Global Executive Tech MBA program aims to prepare professionals for leadership roles in technology-driven industries and organizations through a comprehensive education in technology and business.

Specifically, the ISMT Global Executive Tech MBA program aims to:

  • Develop technical and business expertise
  • Help in personal and professional development
  • Build a new industry network
  • Promote innovation and entrepreneurship

Benefits of ISMT Global Executive Tech MBA Program

ISMT Global Executive Tech MBA program offers many benefits for students looking to achieve expertise in the industry of technology and business. 

Some of the key benefits of the ISMT Global Executive Tech MBA program include:

  • Strong understanding of business and technology
  • Improved leadership and management skills
  • Flexibility and convenience
  • Relevant and up-to-date curriculum
ISMT Student
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